Day 35

This harf, or letter, jostles ''Chhoti hay'' to occupy the position of my favourite letter: ''Do chashmi hay". It is an aspiration marker and used to create aspirated letters composed of two characters such as بھ bʰe  which is bey + do chashmi hay پھ pʰe which is pey + do chashmi hay, or تھ tʰe, which is tey + do chashmi hay.
Here is how chhoti hay is written in various positions: 

This is my attempt at writing the harf and the lafz of the day "phool", which means "flower":

And this, friends, is an image I saw on someone's facebook wall! It reminded me of the do chashmi hay! 

Today's sher, composed by Ahmed Faraz, comes courtesy my friend Akber:
Jis tarah dhun^d mein liptey huey phool
aik aik naqsh tera yaad aaya...

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