Day 34

"Choti hay" (छोटी हे) is the 34th letter of the Urdu alphabet. It is a consonant: choṭī he ʧʰoʈiː he. In Urdu words, it is used with words which end in /a:/, but with a sound that's softer than the ''ah'' of Alif. Here is how it appears in various positions: 

I am biased towards this harf because it reminds me of one my favourite sweet: modak (मोदक)!

And this is my attempt at writing the harf ''Chhoti hay" and a lafz whih contains "Chhoti hay" in the final position. The lafz is ''ghuncha" (which means flower bud).


Here's a song I rather like "Ghuncha koii mere naam kar diya"......