Day 36

"Choti yeh'' (छोटी ये) is one of those rare letters which serves both as a consonant and also as a vowel. Here is how it is written in different positions. 

Choti yeh works as a consonant (in the initial or medial position) with words such as "yaar" (friend) یار   or "dayaar" (place) دیار . It is also used as an initial or medial vowel: as in "ek" (one)  ایک or in "kaisa" (how) کیسا    

Placed below is my attempt at writing the letter Choti yeh, and a harf which contains today's lafz: "bayaan" which means "statement" or "narration". 

Today's sher? By Aga Hashr:
Tum aur fareb khaao bayaan-e-raquib se
tum se to kam gilaa hai ziyaada naseeb se.

Here's a marvellous rendition of the ghazal by the incomparable Farida Khanum:

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