Day 33

Today is it the turn of the harf, the letter ''Wao'' (वाओ in Devnaagri). vāū vɑːuːThis harf is used both as a consonant as well as a vowel.  So, it could form a word as a consonant, say, as in "waalid" (वालिद) :  والد or as a vowel as "log" (लोग):  لوگ 
Here is how it is written in various positions: 

This is my attempt at writingthe harf, and today's lafz: ''watan'', which means "country":

And here is the piece of verse I picked which includes the word "watan": a song from a favourite film, "Kabuliwala". "Aye mere pyaare watan, aye mere bichchade chaman / tujhpe dil qurbaan". A very touching and sentimental song about being far from your motherland. 



  1. Lovely! My first visit to this blog. Do you have similar links to other songs for each new word you learn to write? I guess I have to read the blog and get my answers.

    Looking forward to lurking here.

  2. Thank you, Shankari. I've posted a few songs, but not with reference to each word.
    This blog is keeping me from losing my marbles entirely...