Day 32

Back after a hiatus. Why must life interrupt fun, I will never know. Still, here we are. On day 32, and on the harf "Noon".
Or नून as it would be written in Devnaagri script. This is a consonant: nūn / nuːn
Here is how it is written in different positions: by itself, intial, medial and final (right to left, of course!):

And here is my attempt at writing the letter "Noon" and a word, a lafz beginning with "Noon": "Janaab" (An honorific, if you will). 

Placed below is a sh'er or couplet which illustrates the use of the word "Janaab". Written by the incomparable Faiz Ahmed 'Faiz': 

sach hai.n hamii.n ko aap ke shikave bajaa na the
beshak sitam janaab ke sab dostaanaa the

[shikave=complaints; bajaa=befitting; sitam=oppression]

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