Day 29

Today it's turn of Urdu's 29th alphabet: ''Gaaf". It is written like "Kaaf", (देवनागरी में "काफ") but with an extra accent on the 'handle'. It also pronounced like "calf", except that the 'K' sound is replaced by a 'G' sound. 
Here is how it's written in different positions:

The word I've picked today is "gum" (गुम)  which means "lost", or better yet, "to be lost". Here's how it's written.

Here is the mandatory Udu couplet or she'r:
kis_se puuchhuu.N ki kahaa.N gum huu.N baraso.n se
har jagah Dhuu.Ndhataa phirataa hai mujhe ghar meraa 

And here is a song starting with the word "gum"!

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