Day 30

Wow! It's been a month of posting Urdu words. What a fun journey this has been. So much joy packed with learning. Lucky me, to have found a space of solace and creativity.
Today's harf is "Laam". (लाम) You'd pronounce it as "alm" beginning with an L. It's a lovely word to draw: like an inverted shepherd's crook. A Laam, so to say, by hook or by crook! 
Here's how it is written by itself, in the initial, the medial and the final positions:

The word, or lafz I've picked today is "aql" (अक्ल) which is interchangeably used for "brain'' or "head'' or ''intelligence''. (Sorry, the Hindi "aql" got a little smudgy!)  

Today's she'r? 
Ishq hii isq hai duniya meri 
fitanaa-e-aql se bezaar huun mai.n

The classic head versus heart battle! 
My world is love and love alone.
I am displeased by the mischief caused by my head.

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