Day 28

I am not making as rapid progress as I would like with the Urdu project. All I can say in my defence is that "tujh se bhii dil_fareb hain gham rozgaar ke." The sorrows of earning a livelihood entice me more than you do.... 
Be that as it may, let us operate on the "slow and steady wins the race" premise. Today's harf is the 28th one: "Kaaf". It's pronounced exactly like the English word "calf". Here's how it is written in different positions, remembering always that a letter in Urdu changes its structure depending on its overall position within a word: 

Today's lafz, or word is "kitaab" which means a book.

I found a rather lovely Shakeb Jalali couplet to go with today's word: 
Kab se hain ek harf pe nazarei.n jamii.n huyi.n
woh paDh raha huu.n jo nahii.n likkha kitaab mein...

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