Day 20

Long time, no see, gentle reader. It is a sad time indeed when the preoccupations of the daily humdrum keep one away from one's true love. That's exactly what happened to me. And this is why I intend to repent by posting not one but two words from the harf of the day. 
The 20th alphabet is "Su'aad" or "So'aad", as some people prefer to pronounce it. (सो'आद)
Here is how it is written in its detached position, as also in the initial, medial and final positions; read, as always, from right to left. 

Here's my attempt to write two words which include the harf "Su'aad".

The first is "israar".(इसरार) It means ''urging", as in "to urge" (someone to do something).

The second word is a lovely one. It is "tasviir" (तस्वीर): which means picture, or image. It comprises of the letters "te", "su'aad", "vao", "chhoti ye" and "re"; written, of course, from right to left:  

This reminds me of a song my father is rather fond of "Tasviir banata hoon, tasviir nahin banati"

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