Day 19

The nineteenth harf, or alphabet, of the Urdu script is "Sheen" (pronounced the same as the "Sheen" in Charlie Sheen!).  This word is such a pretty one. It means "snow" in Kashmiri and of course, gleam, glint, or patina in English. Here's how it's written in its stand-alone, initial, medial and final position.  

The word I've picked for today, beginning with ''Sheen" is "shaad" which means "joy", or "happy". The couplet I am using to illustrate this word was composed by the late great Josh Malihabadi: 

Kuchh nahii.n is ke siwaa 'Josh' hariifo.n kaa kalaam
wasl ne shaad kiya hijr ne nashaad kiya

[hariifo.n=rivals; kalaam=words/conversation; wasl=union/meeting]
[shaad=happy; hijr=separation; nashaad=unhappy]

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