Day 21

Today's harf is "Zu'aad''.  
Here's how the letter "zu'aad" is written by itself, and also in its initial, medial and final position: 

Here's my attempt at writing "zu'aad" and the word which begins with it. The word I've picked is much used and abused on the sub-continent: "zaruur". Its meaning ranges from "sure!" to "definitely" and is dropped as regularly colloquially as the definite article is dropped while speaking English (in India, at least!). 
"Zaruur" comparises of "zu'aad", "re", "vao" with a  "pesh" and a "re", written, you will remember, from right to left, as seen  at the bottom of my page. 

The lafz "zaruur" reminded me of a lovely Wajida Tabassum ghazal:
Kuchh na kuchh to zaruur hona hai
saamna aaj unse hona hai 

toDo phenko, rakkho, karo kuchh bhi
dil hamara hai, kya khilona hai

zindagi aur maut ka matlab
tumko pana hai tumko khona hai 

itna Darna bhi kya hai duniya se 
jo bhi hona hai woh to hona hai 

uTh ke mehfil se mat chale jana 
tumse raushan ye kona-kona hai. 

Here's Jagjit Singh rendeing it in his usual dulcet tones:

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