Day 18

Today, it's the turn of the 18th alphabet - "Seen". Urdu has two other alphabets for the "S" sound; namely, "Se" and "So'ad", but "Seen" is the one used most commonly. 
Here's how it's written in different positions in a word:- 

And here's how I wrote it, along with the word ("lafz") of the day "sabab" (pronounced the same as the English word "hubbub"). It means "reason" or "logic". 
I've also written below it the break-up of the three alphabets: Seen + Be + Be: 

I'm going to quote a sh'er (or couplet) penned by 'Ghalib':
Be_Khudii be_sabab nahii.n 'Ghalib'
kuchh to hai jis kii pardaadaarii hai 
[be_Khudii = rapture, be_sabab = without reason]
[pardaadaarii=to hide, esp. fault ] 

{This rapture is not entirely without reason 'Ghalib'
there is something that's being concealed (from me)}

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