Day 17

Today's harf is the last one from the "Re" family - "ZHay". This is one alphabet which isn't used much, as compared to "zay", or "zaal", or "zo'ad", or even "zo'ay". Besides, my vocabulary is, as yet, quite limited. So imagine my delight when I found a word that I'm personally fond of which begins with this poor letter. I felt as though dear old ZHay is a Cinderella - out of her rags and into a beautiful gown and golden slippers! The word I found was "ZHaala". It means "frost". 
(I find it interesting that the word "zala" in Marathi means "done"; in Slovene, it means "beautiful", and in Ethiopian, it means "congratulations".)

Here's how it's written. In the first image, I broke the word down into its component letters. 
That is to say: ZHay + Alif + Laam + Chhoti Hey. 
Or rather: Chhoti Hey + Laam + Alif + ZHay, because, you will remember, gentle reader that Urdu is written from right to left! 

And then, of course, the usual: the harf ZHay, followed by the lafz "ZHaala":

Enfin, to round off, a picture of ZHaala, or frost for the gentle reader. 

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