Day 16

I love 100 Paper Cuts. I check the blog regularly, and inspired by it, thought today's post should be dedicated to to its author. 
Today's harf is Ze, pronounced z-ay. ज़े (Sort of like hay, but with a 'Z'). This is what it looks like: 

And this is today's word: zard. (ज़र्द in Devnaagri). It means 'pale' or 'sallow'. 

The word reminds me of a sweet little poem by Fehmida Riyaz. Apologies in advance to those who do not follow Urdu, for it is tough to translate:

Yeh zard mausam ke khushk patte
hawaa jinhein le gayi uDaa kar
agar kabhi inko dekh paao
to soch lena 
ke in mein har barg ke namuu mein 
ziyaa.n gaya arq shaakh-e-gul ka
kabhi yeh sar_sabz kopalein the
kabhi yeh shaadaab bhi rahe hain
khule huye honTh ki tarah narm aur shagufta 
bahut dio.n tak
yeh sabz patte
hawaa ke relo.n mein bebasii se taDap chuke hain
magar ab yeh khushk ho rahe hain
agar kabhi is taraf se guzaro 
to dekh lena 
barahana shaakhein hawaa mein gaDii huyi hain
yeh ab tumhare liye nahin hain.

[barg = leaf 
namuu = growth 
ziyaa.n = lessening 
arq = sweat / essential juice 
barahana = naked
shaakh = branch]

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