Day 23

Day 23. Letter number 23: "Zoay". This harf is pronounced zo-ey or ज़ोय. This letter often flummoxes me, along with ''Zoaad", Zaal" and "Ze", because I'm still unsure which one is to be used with which word beginning with the ''z" sound! 
Here is how "Zoay" is written in different positions in a word:

Here's my attempt at writing it:

As you can see, I've picked two words to show how ''Zoay'' is written. The first word is "zaalim" which means "tyrant" or "oppressor". The second word is "lafz" which means ''word"! (Please allow me my little joke). I love the way both words are written... 

Here is the mandatory sh'er. By Ahmed Faraz:
taDap uThuu.n bhi toh zaalim teri duhaaii na duu.n
main zakhm zakhm huun phir bhi tujhe dikhayee na duu.n 

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