Day 9

Today's letter or harf is "he" (pronounced "hay"). The word I have picked for today is "hifaazat" which means "protection" or "to protect".

And here is today's sh'er or couplet:    
Fanoos banke jiski hifaazat hawaa kare
woh shamma kya bujhe jise raushan Khudaa kare

I really like that a rather dramatic rendition of Allama Iqbal's famous couplet by actor Danny Dengzongpa. Rather than make it a namby-pamby plea for divine intervention, Danny makes it sound like a battle cry, a mantra, almost a credo. Very poorly translated, it means that "when God himself lights up a flame, the wind  itself protects it (from blowing out)". This is a metaphor much beloved of many poets of this region: the human soul as a flickering lamp or flame, threatened by the winds of destiny, but protected by divinity. 

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