Day 10

I decided to break the rut for today. So, althought the letter (the harf, you remember) is ''khe", I have picked a word which ends with the letter "khe" rather than one which begins with it. The word is "rukh", which variously means face, or visage, or direction.  

Two sh'ers or couplets to explain the difference.
First, the one where "rukh" means 'image' or 'visage', by the brilliant, the genius poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz:
diivaar-e-shab aur aqs-e-ruKh-e-yaar saamane
phir dil ke aa_iine se lahuu phuuTane lagaa

(As I face this blank wall of the night, with the image of one that I love
blood gushes forth from the mirror of the heart )

And the second, where "rukh" means 'direction' by the mystical, the quirky Nida Fazli:
Apni marzii se kahan apne safar ke hum hain
rukh hawaao.n ka jidhar ka udhar ke hum hain
(I do not continue on this journey on my own will
I am swayed to the direction by which the wind blows)

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