Day 5

On day 5, I'm postponing my declamation on the history of Urdu for another day. :)

Today's post has been inspired by Steve R Veilleux's tremendous blog on his 100-day challenge. Sabreen is another person whose remarkable work inspires me. Thank you, both, for giving me an extraordinary perspective of life. 

Our word for Day 5 is "tub" which comes from the letter "" (pronounced "tay" with a hard T).  See for yourself: 

Now who is going to be a nice person and tell me the word which stands for a picture which can represent a word? 


  1. tasveer..Geets I am loving this blog.Such a lovely way of spreading love for URDU !!

  2. but tasveer has a soft T Hmmm..

  3. Yes, ''tasveer'' comes from "te" (ت) - the soft one. The harf here is "Te" (ٹ) - for "tub" or "tamaatar".
    p.s. Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. LOL! I was thinking hieroglyphic, for some strange reason... not strange at all considering where I am right now.

    Geetli, absolutely wonderful work what you are doing. Keep it going!