Day 4

This is Urdu's linguistic lineage: Indo-European -> Indo-Iranian -> Indo-Aryan. It has been, so to speak,  collecting influences on its journey from Europe to South Asia.  
The modern Urdu has taken over 900 years to develop. It is written from right to left just like Arabic and Persian and has 39 basic letters and 13 extra characters, all together 52 and most of these letters are from Arabic and a small quantity from Persian.

Today's letter or harf is "te" (pronounced "tay" with a soft T). The word I've picked is "takht" which means "throne". 

Today's couplet containing the word ''takht" has been borrowed from Sahir Ludhianvi, rebel poet, eternal romantic, failed lover, thwarted optimist.
Takht kya cheez hai aur laal-o-jawahar kya hai
ishq-waale to khudaaii bhi lutaa dete hain
(Those who love care little for God's universe,
what to speak of thrones or precious jewels). 

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