Day 38

Having covered the gamut of Urdu alphabet, we now turn towards certain special characters. Today, it is the turn of ''hamzaa'' (pronounced "हम्ज़ा" in Devnaagari). This is something between a real letter and a diacritic sign. It is used as a character to indicate the boundaries between two vowel sounds where there is no intervening vowel sound. It is used in conjunction with "wao" و; with "Badi yeh" ۓ; with "Chhoti yeh" ئ; with "Chhoti hey" ۂ‎.  

"Hamzaa" sometimes needs a "chair" to carry it, and at other times, you simply place it above a vowel. The "chair" isn't needed when the last vowel is "wao"  و.The different ways of writing it are as below: 

Here is my attempt at writing two words. In the first, "ghaiib" ("invisible", or "missing"), you will notice the hamza in the medial position. In the second word "charpaii" (literally, ''four-legged", but really "bed"), the hamza is placed over the chhoti yeh in the final position.

Sorry, the words are so humdrum that I could not find any piece of verse or song to match them! 

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