Day 14

"Re - a drop of golden sun", so went a line from a favourite childhood song "Do Re Mi". And that is how today's harf, Re, is pronuonced. Ray. Or रे in Devnaagri. This is the first word of the Re'' group (which will be featured for the next three days). I like it because it reminds me of an ice-hockey stick. Not that I've seen one... But.. I think this is what it looks like: 

And here's what the Urdu letter ''Re" looks like: 

Similar, aren't they? "Re" and an ice-hockey stick? 
The word for today is rawish (रविश), which means "behaviour" or attitude". As Ghalib says:
Tumhaarii tarz-o-ravish jante hai.n ham kyaa hai 
raqiib par hai agar lutf to sitam kyaa hai  
(I understand your attitude for what it really is
so what if you torture me by showing benevolence to my rival in love)

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