Day 2

Urdu is la language with many mothers. It is based on a north Indian dialect called ''khari boli'' (to which Hindi also owes its origin) and was nurtured lovingly under the combined influences of Faarsi, Arabic and Turkish. It is written in the nastaliq calligraphy style which also borrows heavily from the Persian-Arabic styles.  

How did this come to happen? I shall tell you that in my next post.

Today's word "baarish", which means rain, comes from the letter "be'' (pronounced ''bay"). 

The word "baarish" reminds me of a couplet written by my beloved Ahmed Faraz: 
Warnaa ab talak yuu.n tha khwaahisho.n ki baarish mein
ya toh tuut ke roya ya ghazal_saraaii ki! 
Trans: Thus was the situation when hope rained
That I would either weep uncontrollably, or compose verses!


  1. Welcome to the project, Geetali. I'm looking forward to following you.

  2. Thank you, Steve. Same here :)